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Virtual Games

Undercover Escape

This virtual experience begins when your team of “spies” awake in a hotel room only to find out that their “cover” has been blown. Messages from Mission Central direct teams as they each view the clues in the hotel room, train station, and airport on their own devices. These clues are meant to covertly get them, and only them, to their new credentials and plane ticket which are safely stored in a locker at the airport. Clues involve recorded voice mail messages, “bugged” plants, song clips, ciphers, and more. The team that earns the most points by gathering information and solving clues is the winner.

Escape the Castle

In this game, remote teams find themselves in the dungeon of an old run-down castle and must work together to make their way through the various locked rooms to the roof where they can escape. Each room features a different clue that relates to that space. Clues are solved in a variety of ways including listening to audio clues, solving logic puzzles, finding hidden numbers, etc. As teams advance through the castle, they earn points based on how many attempts it takes them to solve each clue. Hints are available, but will come at a cost. The team that escapes with the most points wins!

Main Street Mystery

A mysterious call has come into Main Street’s police department…the caller identified that they witnessed a crime, but they are unwilling to report it outright. Instead, they’ve submitted a list of suspects, crimes and locations for detectives to pare down and we need your group to make an arrest. Investigative tasks include analyzing fingerprints, identifying information found in a series of “killer” song clips, and rearranging scraps of a note to reveal a secret message. At the end of this virtual game, your team of detectives should be able to identify who did what and where to earn major points.

In a Jam - A Rockin' Mystery

The event begins with your "band" waking up one hour before showtime to discover that essential items you need for your show are missing. You must first find the keys to your tour bus, and then revisit your last locations to find where you left your setlist, backstage passes, and most importantly, your lead guitarist! Teammates will collaborate over an online meeting platform while completing tasks on their mobile devices. Sample challenges include identifying a series of “on the road” themed songs to see where you’ve been, using the names and numbers of the songs on a jukebox to solve a clue and more.

Manor House Murder

Planning a group activity can be murder. But, in this case, murder IS the activity! The body of an internationally renowned lawyer, Laura Norder, has been found and we need your group’s help examining the evidence and liaising with key suspects and witnesses to piece together the sequence of events! Using their own devices, remote teams answer trivia questions and complete photo tasks to earn points and identify the murderer!

The Great Race

This virtual team building activity which celebrates travel is inspired by television’s Amazing Race – a popular competition in which teams travel the world. Individuals playing from home, work together as a team to participate in a variety of challenges. Challenges include “routes,” with travel-related trivia questions, clues, and photo tasks; “detours” which allow players to choose which of 2 tasks they prefer to complete; high-scoring “fast forward” challenges; and “roadblock” challenges. The goal is to score more points than any other team before you cross the finish line.

Connections Team Challenge

Teammates collaborate while they each play on their mobile devices to complete a series of challenges revolving around connecting. Challenges include photo and video tasks such as arranging players on their screen so a portion of all four of their faces come together to make one. Trivia Challenges such as naming the country from the connect-the-dots puzzle shown.  And, Feedback Challenges designed to encourage discussion. A live scoreboard shows how teams are faring and which one will be connected with the name “winner” at the end of the game!

Donation Quest

Even though your group may not be together in person, they can still work together remotely to make a difference for a non-profit! This activity is completely themed to charity, community, and giving back and challenges teams to answer trivia questions, solve clues, take photos, and make videos throughout the quest. Each participant plays on their own mobile device and works with their team to earn points. Together, they make their way through the game board, collecting “gems” and ultimately unlocking the vault to release a monetary donation for your chosen charity.

Make an Impact

Make a real-world impact with this global give back activity that gives your remote participants a say in how a donation – provided by your organization – will be used in the real world. After each set of tasks focused on health, education, food, and the environment, teams will select which project they would like to fund. Will they choose sustainability projects, green initiatives, providing food to children and families in need, or medical supplies? At the end of the event, we will reveal exactly how impactful your donation will be to communities around the world as we share all of the projects funded by your group.

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