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In-Person Team Building Activities

Amazing Chase

Strategy, communication, and teamwork are more important than speed in this Amazing Chase.  And, while teams won’t have to traverse the world to complete the physical and mental challenges put before them, they will have to traverse the event area to compete in a series of activities themed to locations worldwide!

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Beach Bar Battle

It’s time to raise the bar – a beach bar that is!  Everyone is sure to hold a torch for this event, which finds them competing in beach-themed trivia to earn tokens used to purchase items needed to transform an ordinary classroom table into a tropical beach bar!

Beach Buggy Battle

Teams create their own version of a beach buggy out of cardboard and a variety of tropical decorating materials. Once complete, all beach buggies battle it out for the best time on an obstacle course.  Two team members “drive” the buggy but all members of the team must participate in the challenges they face along the course!

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Chariots Afire

These sweet chariots may swing low, but spirits are sure to be high!  Teams build chariots to carry them home across the finish line of an obstacle-filled racecourse.  We supply carts, building and decorating materials.  Participants supply creativity and horsepower to get around the course.

Florida Fresh

If you’re looking for a juicy event that will warm the hearts of your guests, Florida Fresh will deliver! Teams will flip-flop between challenge stations that are all Florida themed. After earning beads at each station, the team at the end with the most beads will win!


Level Up

The aim of the game is simple … score as many points as possible before you run out of time. There’s something for everyone in this fun, frenetic activity with teams solving puzzles, cracking codes and completing photo and video challenges.  Teams work through five levels, with each passing level becoming more and more complex. However – the harder the challenge, the higher the points. 


Football Frenzy

Teams will be pumped up to tackle these football-themed challenges located throughout your event area. Teams will participate in a variety of fun tasks that anyone – even an armchair quarterback – could tackle like a football toss, name the jock rock song bites, Tic-Tac-Touchdown and more!

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Game Shows

All our game shows are designed for maximum participation and engagement among teammates rather than just a fewcontestants on stage. Choose from a variety of themes/game show styles:

  • Not Your Average Game Show

  • Game Show Greats

  • Movie Madness Game Show

  • Pub Quiz

Spud Racer

Usually when you talk about produce and heat in the same sentence, it’s time for dinner. But, not in this team building activity! Teams create racecars out of fruit, vegetables and materials provided. Then, race them on pinewood derby-type tracks in a series of heats to determine the overall winner.

Manor House Murder

Sometimes planning a team building event can be murder.  But, in this case, murder IS the team building event!  The body of an internationally renowned lawyer has been found and your group must examine the evidence and liaise with key suspects and witnesses to piece together the sequence of events in this high-tech who dunnit.

The Games

It’s time for your team to strive for the gold in a series of relays appropriate for those with a coach or a couch potato mentality! Whether they experience the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat, all walk away a stronger team! And, if a sports theme doesn’t “play” well with you, we can incorporate other themes, such as beach games, superhero games and more.

Unlock The Mystery

Teams listen to an audio clue that enables them to open a locked chest at their table. Inside are a series of clues including a puzzle box, a cipher wheel, and other puzzles–each leading to a numeric solution. Once all clues are solved, teams put the solutions together in one final clue that will give them what they need to open the locked prop at the front of the room.

The Pitch

In this creative and challenging event, teams face challenges that get them to focus on creating, marketing and pitching the perfect product.  Teams put their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to the test.  Which team in your group will have what it takes to come out on top in this competitive challenge?

Team Building Small Groups - The Pitch.png


Tribes strive to do the best they can in a series of creative, physical and mental challenges. Who will surstrive and who will be thrown off the island at the end of the activity? Only time will tell in this competitive team building activity!

Two Can Play That Game

Looking for a fun, fast-paced competition for your small group that will leave your guests wanting to “play” more? If you’re looking for a great way for two teams to go head-to-head, then Two Can Play That Game is the perfect team building activity for you. This event is fashioned after Hollywood Game Night, but the stars of the show are your very own colleagues. After a series of challenges, find out which team’s stars will fall, and which team will stand out in the spotlight!

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