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Treasure Hunt & Scavenger Hunt Activities

Clued In

Guests are transformed into detectives and complete crime scene-related tasks.  Each time one is completed, a piece of information is released that will help them identify the guilty suspect, weapon and location similar to the board game “Clue.”  Teams will track down evidence, solve clues, conduct casework, take crime scene photos and videos and more!

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ESQ (Epic Selfie Quest)

Are you ready for your close up?  Teams may have to solve puzzles to reveal which photo and video selfies they need to take, take selfies with strangers, identify celebrities from selfies, answer questions featuring songs about selfies, and more.

Take advantage of the atmosphere and theming of a local theme park as an exciting location for a scavenger hunt.  Our GPS-based hotspot hunt will encourage participants to visit a variety of locations throughout the park while they answer questions about an attraction (no local knowledge necessary), solve a clue or puzzle by pairing the information with something in the park, and taking spectacular team photos and videos with the unique backdrops only a theme park can offer. 

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Hotspot Theme Park Hunt


Guests will have a super time exploring the event area in this superhero-themed GPS hunt played on phones or tablets.  Teams may find themselves taking superhero-inspired photos and videos; answering trivia questions about super heroes; conquering evil villains by decoding bombs; solving conundrums and more.  This is a “super” way to explore an event area while having a marvelous time!

Get to the Point

If you don’t see the point of going to a destination and not giving your group an opportunity to experience it, then this GPS-based scavenger hunt, played on phones or tablets, is the perfect choice for your attendees!  That’s because teams get to explore the event area while they compete in photo, video, trivia, and other fun challenges that open when they find points on a map. 

The Great Race

Teams have an amazing time chasing down locations where they acquire points for performing physical, mental and creative challenges. This versatile activity can be conducted as a road rally, or on foot in an area of interest.

Team Dynamics Dash

Working together as a team in essential if you want to achieve your business goals.  But, every team member is different – how do you maximize these differences and put them to work for your business?  By having fun together as a team completing tasks that put the spotlight on these dynamics.  After the event, your team can do a self debrief to analyze the lessons they learned from these tasks, to gain insight and make your team stronger.

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