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Charitable Team Building Activities

After School Snack Sacks

Teams will transform plain, eco-friendly canvas bags into reusable snack sacks any child would be excited to keep even when the food is gone! After the sacks have been decorated, teams fill them with snack items like cereal, macaroni and cheese, crackers, pretzels, granola bars and fruit snacks.

Canned Goods Carnival
Mini Golf Fore Good

Teams display their “can-do” attitude by using canned food to create either a sculpture, carnival game or mini golf hole. After being judged for creativity, the cans are donated to a local food bank.  If the Canned Goods Carnival or Mini Golf For Good are selected, teams play the game or a 9-hole round of mini golf when complete and an additional prize for highest score is given!

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Battle for the Troops

This competitive, fast-paced event puts the spotlight on the military in a series of fun tasks, such as Oh Say Can You Sing where teams must identify the patriotic songs being sung by other teammates, Military Movie Match, and a Red, White or Blue guessing game.  The points add up to dollars that are donated to benefit a military non-profit such as the USO or Wounded Warrior Program.

Conservation Quest is a team experience that is both fun and educational as it incorporates information about marine life, conservation, and preserving the ocean for future generations. Participants make a real “splash” as they cleanup the beach collecting trash and microplastics, while completing tasks and challenges in an app-based game. Attendees will be shocked to see how much plastic they find on a beach that looks relatively clean once they start to look a little closer.

Conservation Quest

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This charitable activity is wrapped into a high-tech treasure hunt that requires participants to travel from location to location to unlock tasks that relate to giving back.  Teams will solve clues and puzzles, take team photos and videos, and more to earn enough points to unlock a donation that will go to a deserving non-profit.

Donation Quest

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Give Back Game Show

In the Give Back Game Show there is no studio audience because everyone is a contestant!  And, although teams are competing for prizes, they don’t keep them for themselves – they’re all donated to charity!  You choose the charity, and we create games that put the spotlight on the cause and the donations earned throughout the event.

Hospital Art


Teams work together to turn black and white, pre-designed canvases into colorful, cheerful works of art.  These canvases are donated through The Foundation for Hospital Art to a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or shelter.

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Kids Snack Packs

This care packages event is a fun twist on the traditional!  Teams stuff drawstring backpacks with non-perishable food items for children in need, who often go hungry outside of school lunch hours.  In order to earn food items, teams compete in a series of games that are sure to bring back fun memories of their own childhood!

Make an Impact

Teams utilize a game app that uses GPS technology, image recognition and augmented reality to complete a wide range of multimedia challenges to earn “impacts.”  Each “impact” earned translates into a donation towards a global project of their choosing, making a world of change to those in need!

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Play for Keeps

Teams test much-needed, brand-new sports equipment in a series of physical relays before handing it over to a charity that desperately needs it. Dependent on the needs of the chosen charity, teams may be competing in basketball dribble contests, softball over/under relays, flinging frisbees into targets and more!


Race to Feed the Hungry

In this event, teams race to assemble and decorate folding grocery carts.  They’ll also play games such as Food Fact or Fiction, identifying what the Tasty Tunes played are, and racing to be the first to get a string of food-related emojis texted to the emcee on stage!  The better they do, the more non-perishable food items they’ll earn to fill their cart.  All are donated at the end to stock the shelves of a community charity that provides for food insecure families.

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Race for Relief

The race is on to provide relief for the type of charity that is near to your heart – choose from schools and students in need, the homeless or animal shelters – as teams use items these organizations need to make racecars.  When the race is over, we race the items used in the cars over to help those in need!


Reading Rocks

Teams participate in challenges such as literature-based trivia, a spelling bee, and “Book Bingo” to win books donated to a local charity to encourage success through literacy. The team collecting the most books wins!

Red Wagon Brigade

Teams assemble and decorate wagons for kids in need to play with.  Next, they play games reminiscent of favorite childhood games to win points for their team and toys to place in their wagon.

Rhythm & Schmooze

Guests compete with one another as they participate in music-themed challenges.  And, the part that really rocks?  After experiencing the feel-good factor that music brings, they’ll learn that they’ll be making a donation to an organization that uses music to help others, such as a music therapy department or local schools to purchase musical instruments.

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Sustainability Quest

Guests participate in a fun and educational team experience that has them using a game app to complete tasks that will both challenge and educate them about the environment and sustainability. Based on which trivia, puzzles, photo and video tasks they complete, they’ll learn which approved charities/NGOs, carefully selected from 34 different countries, will receive money to work on their sustainable development goals.

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Unlock the Donation

If your group has a cause that’s near and dear to them, then this event, which builds on the popularity of Escape rooms, is ideal.  That’s because it finds teams racing to solve clues and be the first to open, not only their hearts to the charity, but a locked chest containing a donation for them!

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